Deans Marsh

Deans Marsh Soldiers Memorial Park and Gates

Location:  19 Pennyroyal Valley Road, Deans Marsh

The Deans Marsh Memorial Gates at the entrance to the Soldiers Memorial Park are dedicated to both the First World War and the Second World War.

web Deans Marsh Gates-1

web Deans Marsh-3web Deans Marsh-2









State School Honor Board

web Deans Marsh-4

Location:  Deans Marsh Primary School, 30 Lorne Road, Deans Marsh


The 1914 – 1919 Great European War Roll of Honor dedicated to past scholars of Deans Marsh State School.






Deans Marsh Residents Honor Boardweb Deans Marsh-1

Location: Deans Marsh Memorial Hall, 15 Pennyroyal Valley Road, Deans Marsh


The Deans Marsh 1914 – 1918 Roll of Honor dedicated to the residents who enlisted for active service abroad from the Deans Marsh district.











  1. As the granddaughter of Leonard PARKER on your WW1 Residents board I wonder why he hasn’t the icon for supreme sacrifice next to his name.
    It appears to be next to his brother Horace’ name who returned home to Australia.
    Can you clarify please.
    Judith (Parker) Willmore


    1. Hi Judith,
      Thank you for your enquiry about the Residents of Deans Marsh Honor Board. I have been unable to find the history of the board itself, but it was likely to have been unveiled 99 years ago when many of the others were. Boonah and Pennyroyal boards were both unveiled in 1919.
      The website did notice the error and I posted my research on your grandfather based on the research from the Australian War Memorial.
      I found and posted that Leonard was one of 42 men from the battalion killed in an operation at Polygon Wood, on 26 September 1917, four of those were from the Surf Coast Shire. Leonard is buried in the vicinity of Polygon Wood and remembered on the memorial there.
      You would need to contact the local RSL to see what they can do about correcting the error. There were many errors at the time as the local communities rushed to honor the men and women who fought in the war.


  2. I was very happy to see my grandfather’s name on the honor roll – A Hopgood (Arthur)
    He went to Gallipoli and France
    He died in 1986 aged 91
    I would love to visit the school and look at the honor roll in person
    Thank u


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