Roll of Honour


Anzac hat KIAFinal Resting Place or Memorial of servicemen and women from the Surf Coast

 last updated 25 May 2015


At Sea

Erwin Mallette SPENCER 6th Battalion, 19th Reinforcement
Edward Percival HENDY 8th Light Horse Regiment, C Squadron


Albany Cemetery, WA
Gabriel Louis VIENET 2nd Divisional Ammunition Column
Geelong Eastern Cemetery, Vic
Percy  MALKIN 3rd Divisional Ammunition Column
Mt Duneed Cemetery, Vic
Charles Henry CHALLIS Expeditinary Force
Winchelsea Cemetery, Vic
Samuel John   BENNETT Broadmeadows Training Depot
Harold James REYNOLDS 100 Coy, Training Depot Seymour


Hagle Dump Cemetery, Elverdidnghe
Reginald  MOUNTJOY 7th Battalion, 13th Reinforcement
Hooge Crater Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium
Albert Stanley McCONACHY Machine Gun Company 4, 9th Reinforcements
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery
Edwin George BUSH 13th Light Horse Regiment, 7th Reinforcement
Harry  LEWIS 29th Battalion, 10th Reinforcement
Passchendaele New British Cemetery
Russell Highfield HAWSE 23rd Battalion, C Company
Poelcapelle British Cemetery
Melville Claude FOX 38th Battalion, 1st Reinforcement
The Huts Cemetery, Dickebusch
Eric  BURGESS 23rd Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement
Joseph Bird BURGESS Divisional Ammunition Column 1, Reinforcement 14
Percy Warner WELLS Field Artillery Brigade 2, Brigade Ammunition Column
The Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
Thomas March HALL 29th Battalion, D Company
Rupert William KNIGHT Anzac Cyclist Battalion, Reinforcement 4
Charles Francis ARNOLD    MM 23rd Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Patrick  CARROLL 7th Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement
Edward  JASPER 6th Battalion, 19th Reinforcement
Thomas Arthur STEPHENSON 29th Battalion, 5th Reinforcement
Andrew Miller FULLER 29th Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Leonard  PARKER 29th Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement
John Joseph CANTWELL    MM 8th Battalion, C Company
Harold Boyd WANLISS 29th Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement
Harold George BELL 11th Field Artillery Brigade
Alan Brook WILSON 46th Battalion
Frederick Benedict ALSOP Machine Gun Company 2, Reinforcement 6
Luke  MONKIVITCH 29th Battalion, 10th Reinforcement
Frederick Francis PILLAR 37th Battalion, 7th Reinforcement
Tyne Cot Cemetery
Harvey  FREEMAN Machine Gun Company 11


Cairo War Memorial Cemetery
Arthur Stanley BATSON 8th Light Horse Regiment, 17th Reinforcement
Chatby War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria
James  TWEEDIE 4th Infantry Brigade headquarters
Samuel Ernest CLISSOLD 7th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
George Allen STEWART 14th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement


Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey
Arthur Percy EARLE 24th Battalion, 1st Reinforcement
Richard Albert HOWARD 22nd Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Compton Chamberlayne Cemetery, Wiltshire
William Joseph PARK 60th Battalion, 9th Reinforcement
St. John the Evangelist Churchyard, Sutton Veny, Wltshire
John William THOMPSON 13th General (Victorian) Reinforcements
Sutton Veny (St. John) Churchyard, Wiltshire
Ernest Alexander PATTERSON 7th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement


Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension
Allan Ernest MATTHEWS 3rd Pioneer Battalion, Reinforcement 7
Arneke British Cemetery
George Percival DOUGLASS 5th Battalion, F Company
Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extension
August Frederick GRADNER 58th Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement
Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension
Henry Haigh STORRER Australian Flying Corps, No 2 Squadron, HQ
Bellicourt British Cemetery
George   Everett WALTERS 21st Battalion, 7th Reinforcement
Borre British Cemetery
Edward  McGEE 7th Battalion, 24th Reinforcement
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery
John Godfrey BAENSCH 24th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Bulls Road Cemetery, Flers
Harold Marshall LENNOX 29th Battalion, 5th Reinforcement
William George James CATRON 8th Battalion, A Company
Calvaire Cemetery
Ernest Leslie FORD    DCM 24th Battalion, 18th Reinforcement
Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery
William Traill APPLETON 7th Battalion, 12th Reinforcement
Crouy British Cemetery, Crouy-Sur-Somme
John Henry BECKMAN 23rd Battalion, 18th Reinforcement
Egbert Leslie WITCOMBE 14th Battalion, 21st Reinforcement
Estaires Communal Cemetery
Frank Harold YOUNG Field Artillery Brigade 1, Battery 1
Etaples Military Cemetery
William Henry Gladstone ROBERTSON    MM 60th Battalion, 4th Reinforcement
Eterpigny Communal Cemetery Extension
John Norman MANN 29th Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement
Frenchencourt Communal Cemetery
Henry William PURNELL    MM 13th Light Horse Regiment, 2nd Reinforcement
Fromelles, V.C. Corner, Australian Cemetery Memorial
Bernard  JASPER 7th Battalion, 11th Reinforcement
Robert Thomas LENNOX 8th Battalion, A Company
John James LAMB 22nd Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Charles Henry SMITH 21st Battalion
Albert  CLERY 60th Battalion
Raymond Leslie TRIGG 21st Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Gordon Dump Cemetery, OVillers-La Boiselle
Ernest John ARMISTEAD 22nd Battalion, 4th Reinforcement
Grevillers British Cemetery
Noel James BLACK 24th Battalion, 7th Reinforcement
Guards’ Cemetery, Lesboeufs
Arthur Stanley PALMER 29th Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Heath Cemetery, Harbonnieres
William John SCOTT 58th Battalion
Leslie George ELLIS 22nd Battalion, 9th Reinforcement
Walter William HARBIDGE 29th Battalion, 9th Reinforcement
Harold Leslie ROSSER 29th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Arthur John GOSNEY 8th Battalion, E Company
Heilly Station Cemetery, Mericourt-L’Abbe
Alfred  CASEY    DCM 7th Battalion, 13th Reinforcement
John Frederick JUKES 37th Battalion, A Company
Le Peuplier Military Cemetery, Caestre
Allan Hector ROSS 7th Battalion, 9th Reinforcement
Maubeuge Centre Cemetery
Harry  GAVENS 5th Pioneer Battalion, Reinforcement 3
Edwin  CHALLIS 2nd Machine Gun Battalion
Pozieres British Cemetery, Ovillers-La-Boisselle
Arnold William Charles DECKER 24th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Frederick John HOLMES 22nd Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Puchevillers British Cemetery, Somme
Charles Douglas HANNAM 14th Battalion, 12th Reinforcement
Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension
George  GAVENS 24th Battalion, 12th Reinforcement
Rue-du-Bois Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix
Charles Hovery COLLINS 21st Battalion, 7th Reinforcement
Claude Harold HORWOOD 21st Battalion, 7th Reinforcement
Robert Claude Neil SMITHERS 5th Battalion, 7th Reinforcement
Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery
Francis Joseph GANNON 22nd Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Harold  BRIGGS 29th Battalion
St Pol British Cemetery, St Pol-sur-Ternoise
William Henry WALLACE 23rd Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille
Albert George FRANCE 6th Battalion, 24th Reinforcement
Tincourt New British Cemetery
John  BELL Australian Flying Corps,
Frank Stanley DAVIDSON 5th Field Company Engineers
Trois-Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck
Rollo William BARKER Siege Artillery Brigade
Unicorn Cemetery, Vendhuile
George Piggott HOLMES Machine Gun Company 10, Reinforcement 2
Vandencourt British Cemetery, Maissemy
John Henry SHELL Field Artillery Brigade 10, Reinforcement 6
Vignacourt British Cemetery
Cyril Joseph GLEESON 57th Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, Fouilloy
Robert Harold LENNOX 20th Battalion, 11th Reinforcement
Villers-Bretonneux, Adelaide Cemetery
Percy Henry PRIME 21st Battalion, 7th Reinforcement
Villers-Bretonneux, Australian National Memorial
Alfred John EVANS 58th Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Joseph Henry SLATER 22nd Battalion, D Company
James  HENRY 31st Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement
Hugh Kenneth McGREGOR 23rd Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Harold Gordon TOWNSEND 14th Battalion, 19th Reinforcement
Leo Aloysius McCARTIN    MM, MC 22nd Battalion, B Company
Charles Leslie Wallace ANDERSON 46th Battalion, 5th Reinforcement
Clarence Hubert OATES 11th Battalion, 16th Reinforcement
Robert Mosman BARNETT 22nd Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Sydney Gordon CHALLIS 14th Battalion, 19th Reinforcement
Francis Henry CHALLIS 60th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Lester Douglas CROSSLEY 19th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Alfred Ernest GREEN 46th Battalion, 4th Reinforcement
James Henry TRIGG 31st Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement
Henry Donald McLEAN 21st Battalion, 1st Reinforcement
Daniel  WELLINGTON 7th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Charles Harold GOGOLL 22nd Battalion, 9th Reinforcement
Michael Philip CAHIR 7th Battalion
Archibald Leslie McLEAN 8th Battalion
Charles Stewart BENNETT 8th Battalion, 5th Reinforcement
John Leslie COSSAR 57th Battalion, 5th Reinforcement
Philip Arthur JACKSON 21st Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement
Cyril Cameron Arthur NEILSON 32nd Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
Villers-Bretonneux, Crucifix Corner Cemetery
George Edward FEWSTER 6th Battalion, 15th Reinforcement
Warlencourt British Cemetery
John Baldock GOODALL 22nd Battalion, 14th Reinforcement


Gibraltar (North Front) Cemetery
William Patrick Joseph SHELLY 8th Battalion, 5th Reinforcement


East Mudros Military Cemetery, Lemnos
John Joseph SPERLING 8th Battalion, 1st Reinforcement


Baghdad War Cemetery
William Charles RAYMENT 30th Squadron, 1st Reinforcement AFC  (Australian Flying Corps)
The Basra Memorial, Iraq
Richard Thomas Henry STRIPLING 14th Australian General Hospital


Gaza War Cemetery, Palestine
Alfred  CORKE 9th Light Horse Regiment, 11th Reinforcement
Jerusalem Memorial, Palestine
George   Thomas CLARK 8th Light Horse Regiment, 12th Reinforcement


Ari Burnu Cemetery, Gallipoli
Joseph Terell CROWL 8th Light Horse Regiment, Headquarters
Charles Lyle YOUNG 8th Light Horse Regiment, B Squadron
Leo Thomas DWYER 8th Australian Light Horse, 2nd Reinforcement
Beach Cemetery, Gallipoli
Murray Charles STORRER 4th Light Horse Regiment, A Squadron
Ekem Bridge Cemetery, Gallipoli
Cyril Patrick KEENAN 6th Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement
Helles Memorial, Gallipoli
Arthur Francis Gordon ELKINGTON 6th Battalion, D Company
Hill 60 Cemetery, Gallipoli
Cyril Benjamin LEVIEN 9th Light Horse Regiment, 5th Reinforcement
Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallipoli
Henry Joseph LYNCH 24th Battalion, B Company
Robert McLaughlan WILSON 8th Battalion, B Company
Shrapnel Valley Cemetery, Gallipoli
Ewart William DAVIS 22nd Battalion, B Company
Charles  HARRIS 21st Battalion, D Company
The Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli
Edmund Reginald WHITTERON 14th Battalion, C Company
John  ARMOUR 7th Battalion, A Company
Clifton  GRENFELL    MID 8th Light Horse Regiment, C Squadron
William Jacob FULLER 5th Battalion, 1st Reinforcement
Percy George GRAHAM 8th Battalion, C Company
John Alex MCDONALD 6th Battalion, 1st Reinforcements
Albert Edward TOWNSEND 7th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement
Charles  ALTMANN 24th  Infantry Battalion
Leslie Charles BAILEY 5th Battalion, C Company
George John Stewart ANDERSON 8th Light Horse Regiment, C Squadron
Harry  HOSKIN 8th Light Horse Regiment, 5th Reinforcement
Roger   PALMER 8th Light Horse Regiment, A Squadron

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