From the Front

For many of our diggers the only link back to a life that had been interrupted by war was a personal diary, a poem or a letter home with tales of adventures, heartache, bravery and thoughts of home. They tell us what they saw, did and felt without flinching. The letters and poems describe the feeling of loss as a result of the  conflict raging around them. These penned notes speak with truth of authentic witness. Through their writings we can trace their progress from the earlier enthusiasm and sense of adventure to the first hints of realism and the eventual bitter disillusion in the lines. These writings were often written on scraps of paper in the trenches or their diaries kept close to themselves capturing the thoughts of the day’s events.

As we uncover writings by the men and women from the Surf Coast Shire we will post them here.

web-Percy-Diary-Icon2Read Percy Graham’s account from enlistment to landing on the shores of Gallipoli on 25th April, 1915 until his death on 2 May 1915. Contributed by Jen Graham

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From Cpl George Lowe (Barwon Heads Honour Roll):

Lowe G_ Poem

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