On this day…..1914

August 4, 1914

Britain declares war on Germany
Australia pledged a force of 20,000 to be placed at Britain’s disposal.

August 10

Volunteer recruiting begins in Australia

August 17 – 26

Within a week of recruitment opening 13 young men with a connection to the Surf Coast signed up for what they believed to be an adventure and service to the country. Aurthur Reginald Taylor (Torquay); William Richard Grant (Deans Marsh); Murray Charles Storrer (Torquay, Anglesea); William McAdam (Modewarre); Albert Edmonds (Bannockburn); Edward Vienet (Ceres); Thomas Doyle (Connewarre); Herbert Marendaz (Mt Duneed); Percy Graham (Connewarre); John Cantwell (Freshwater Creek); Leslie Bailey (Torquay)

August 21

Rupert Vance Moon enlisted in the AIF

September 5

Albert Jacka travelled to Melbourne and enlisted after his initial enlistment papers were lost.

September 11

The Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (ANMEF) seized German New Guinea and nearby German-ruled island territories

October 19

The first soldiers from the Surf Coast embarked from Melbourne aboard –
HMAT A24 Benalla – John Cantwell, Percy Graham, Thomas Doyle, William McAdam, Albert Edmonds, William Grant
HMAT A20 Hororata – Edward Vienet
HMAT A18 Wiltshire – Murray Storrer, Herbert Marendaz

November 1

The First Division of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) sailed from Albany, Western Australia, for Egypt.

November 9

HMAS Sydney destroys the German raider SMS Emden at the Cocos Islands, Indian Ocean.

November 26

Australian troops in Egypt



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