LEST WE FORGET Polygon Wood Casualties

The Battle of Polygon Wood took place near Ypres in Belgium 26 September – 3 October 1917, in the area from the Menin Road to Polygon Wood. Much of the woodland had been destroyed by the huge quantity of shellfire from both sides since 16 July and the area had changed hands several times. Early on the morning of 26 September, with strong artillery support men in the 5th Division moved forward overcoming the German pill-boxes protecting the enemy machine gunners. Seven hours after the battle began the required ground had been gained and the advance was over. The Battle of Polygon Wood was declared a great success for the AIF but sadly four men from the Shire in the 29th Battalion lost their lives on this day, and two more during counter attacks the following days.

26th September

  • Andrew Fuller (Freshwater Creek)
  • Thomas Hall (Anglesea)
  • Leonard Parker (Deans Marsh)
  • Harold Wanliss (Lorne)

27th September – Albert McConachy (Winchelsea)

28th September – Harry Lewis (Winchelsea)

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