Behind each of the war memorials on the Surf Coast is a story of courage, sacrifice and dedication to country. There are also sad stories of family’s loss of children, spouse, parent, sibling.

Together They Served identifies many of the WW1 honour boards, cairns, memorial garden’s across the Surf Coast as well as identifying the men and women behind those names.

Here are the memorials located in the towns across the Surf Coast. In some cases bordering towns are included because of the changes to the Shire boundaries over the last 100 years and to include all those men and women from the boundary towns who had a connection with the Surf Coast towns.










  1. Together they served…… Some of the names on the honour Boards are quite interesting in that they seem to have little obvious relavence to the area. I was looking at Bellbrae and so many names seem to have no connection to Bellbrae that I can see I wonder what the criteria was for adding names ????


    1. Thanks for your inquiry. While most of the men listed on the Bellbrae Honour board did not live in the area as adults, they all went to Jan Juc State School (aka Bellbrae Primary School) as children.


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